As part of OSHA’s Hearing Conservation Program, we provide the peace of mind you need with quick, accurate hearing screening tests that will help you fulfill your OSHA requirements. We come to your company, whether large or small, and perform all necessary hearing evaluation and OSHA reporting services in our mobile audiometric testing unit.

Noise induced hearing loss is a preventable problem.  However, employees are exposed to potentially hazardous noise levels in the workplace daily.  Without proper and consistent testing of these exposure levels, companies are at risk of federally enforced fines and legal action.   

Companies operating work environments with high noise levels are required to meet OSHA standards for hearing conservation. As part of this requirement, Fraser Instrument Company is committed to helping businesses ensure the safety of their employees and regulatory compliance.  


Spirometry Testing checks the lung capacity of your employees.  This test is vital if your employee wears a respirator or if they paint or weld at work.


Qualitative Respirator Fit Tests are conducted on employees who paint or weld.  Employees who have not been tested and do not wear a respirator may be exposed to chemicals that are present.  A qualitative fit test is a pass/fail test that relies on the employee’s response to a test agent.  The ASHA protocols include saccharin, isoamyl acetate (banana oil), Bitrex, and irritant smoke.  For a saccharin or Bitrex test, an administrator challenges a subject wearing a respirator with a test aerosol.    The subject dons the respirator and a fit test hood.  The test aerosol is sprayed inside the hood while the subject performs prescribed exercises.  If the subject can taste the test agent, the respirator fails the test and another respirator must be tested.  Prior to conducting the test, the administrator must determine if the subject can detect the test agent.  If the subject cannot detect the agent, another one that can be detected must be used.


We calibrate most audiometers.


Sound Level Surveys determine if the noise generated by your company is within the OSHA recommended limits.  If employees are overexposed to noise and not properly protected by adequate hearing protection, damage to the employee’s hearing can occur.


Hunting hearing aids are small devices that fit in or behind the ear. These devices amplify ambient sound so you can hear your surroundings better than you could with your naked ears. When a weapon is fired, the amplifier circuit reacts instantly, limiting volume in your ears to a safe level. Once the loud sound passes, the device resumes amplifying the ambient sound.

Custom swimming ear plugs are the very best ear plugs for swimming because of their superior fit, remarkable durability and lifespan, and excellent ability to seal water out of the ear canals. Each pair of custom molded swimming ear plugs is made from impressions taken of your ears to fit you and you alone.

Sound protection devices also available for industrial workers, military personnel, and police officers.

ALDs (Assisted Listening Devices) and PSAPs (Personal Sound Amplification Products)

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs) are amplifiers that bring sound directly into the ear. They separate the sounds, particularly speech, that a person wants to hear from background noise. They improve what is known as the “speech to noise ratio.” 

Personal Sound Amplification Devices (PSAPs) are defined by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as wearable electronic products that are intended to amplify sounds for people who are not d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing. Personal sound amplifiers are devices you place into your ears to amplify sounds making all sounds louder.